We just spoke with Michael Kasten, President of Coordinated Wire Rope, and during the conversation he mentioned that last Friday the CD Lyon team was working with the LCI-90 and HRT-3MM tensiometer


Based in Ventura, CA, Coordinated Wire Rope (http://www.coordinatedcompanies.com) approached us for a project that required highly accurate measure


Our lead systems engineer, Matthew Lee, has just come back this month from installing, calibrating, and commissioning a mooring system for the Frontier Duchess, a drill-ship which is currently off


LCI has recently provided Flowserve Corp. with tensiometers and LCI displays for monitoring the operational status of their decoking systems.

Everyone in oceanography has either seen firsthand or heard about the winch operator who was too tired and accidentally two blocked the winch leading to the loss or damage of their payload.

Earlier this year MTNW’s LCI team, led by our Systems Engineer, Matty Lee, installed an 8-point tension, speed, and payout monitoring system for the National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) i


LCI’s re-designed LCI-90 Monitoring & Display System will exceed UNOLS Safe Working Load Standards as defined in UNOLS Safety Standards Appendix A.

We are pleased to be launching Line Control’s new blog.

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