Introduction to Line Control: LCI’s New Blog

We are pleased to be launching Line Control’s new blog. Over the last several years we have grown the Line Control division of Measurement Technology NW in new directions and have taken on many new customers in different industries. We often find it difficult to communicate what we are up to with quarterly press releases and even less frequent newsletters.

Our work takes us from some of the smallest fresh water survey vessels to some of the largest oil & gas rigs and barges to land-based wireline trucks to oil refinery operations. This wide-range of applications for our products and services keep us and our customers on our toes. We look forward to using this blog as a way to describe client projects and commonly asked questions about line control and monitoring.

You’ll be hearing from us regularly, with inside information on MTNW LCI equipment, tips for advanced product operation, industry news we think is relevant to our particular niche, solutions to equipment issues that others have faced, and anything else that occurs to us when it comes time to post another article. We’ll do our best to keep it interesting.

Thanks for joining us.

Tom & Crew


About Us

Rugged Controls is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of rugged programmable controllers, sensors, instrumentation, controls and automation equipment used in industries ranging from oil & gas, industrial, oceanographic to mining to construction. Our brand of multivariable controllers is continually selected in mission-critical applications where rugged durability, viewability, accuracy and data acquisition is required.

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