Solutions: Wireline

Rugged Controls has provided the LCI-90i display to bring decimal point accuracy to down-hole tools and applications.

Our displays (both the LCI-90i and the LCI-80) have been incorporated in slickline rigs and skid units. Our displays are built for rugged, all-weather conditions.

The LCI-90i display will also provide the operator with the ability to store up to 14 different weight and depth calibrations with automatic recall.
Individual weight and depth calibrations for each wire size can be stored and recalled either through the front panel menu structure or an external selector switch.

Our WinchDAC software can interface to each LCI-90i unit to provide an automatic report displaying weight, depth and speed for a specific well operation.

Downhole Surveys, payout monitring, payout display

Downhole Surveys specializes in providing high quality, sub surface directional surveying Services, Products and Rental equipment to the mining, drilling and exploration industries.

DynaWinch Wireline Rig, wireline monitoring, winch display

One of our leading partners, DynaWinch, out of Calgary, Alberta, has been working with the Rugged Controls LCI-90i display for years to bring decimal point accuracy to their arsenal of down-hole tools...

Spooling Winch, winch instrumentation, cable tension monitoring

Schlumberger chooses the LCI-90i for their spooling operations at their Houston Conveyance & Surface Equipment faciltiy.

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Rugged Controls is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of rugged programmable controllers, sensors, instrumentation, controls and automation equipment used in industries ranging from oil & gas, industrial, oceanographic to mining to construction. Our brand of multivariable controllers is continually selected in mission-critical applications where rugged durability, viewability, accuracy and data acquisition is required.

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