8 LCI-90i User Interface Versions

The LCI-90i is Industry's most versatile winch display. In addition to our standard single winch format, we offer many unique user interfaces, which add value and increase features available to your customers and equipment.


Our standard interface displays tension, speed, payout and a bar graph.

Learn more about the Single Winch version


Displays tension, speed, payout and bar graphs for two winches. Secondary measurements are in smaller font sizes.

Learn more about the Dual Winch version 


Displays tension, speed, and payout for three winches. Main parameters are in large font, secondary parameters are optional via on screen configuration.

Learn more about the Triple Winch version


Displays tension, speed, and payout on four winches. Typically used in situations where winch controls are remote.

Learn more about the Quad Winch version


Developed for the US Research Vessel Fleet (UNOLS), offers a trending line graph and parameter maximums.

Learn more about the trending version


Add measurement parameter above tension as a secondary measurement. Can be pressure, temperature, or another parameter.

Learn more bout the Auxiliary Measurement version


For Wireline Customers, measurements are tension/weight, depth and rate. Also offers differential tension output and preprogrammed calibrations for up to 14 wire diameters.

Learn more about the Depth and Rate version


Displays tension and tension (2), speed and payout as well pressure and oil tempture parameters.

Learn more about the Traction Winch version 

In addition to these user interfaces, features like Dual Axis sensors, Drum Counter, summed, average and max loads, as well as angle measurement are supported on  all versions of the LCI-90i.  

For Class I, Division II applications, we offer our hazardous location LCI-90i-IS. For other hazardous locations, we offer optional explosion proof enclosures.

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