LCI-90 vs MD Totco LM-2000 – Displays for Line Tension Monitoring



 For the last 15 years we have received monthly calls from winch operators and shipboard electronic technicians who have legacy MD Totco LM-2000 winch monitoring displays in need of repair or replacement. During these calls we are often asked how the LCI-90 and MD Totco LM-2000 compare. Rather than go through a long list of features and benefits, the key differences are:

  1. Daylight readability. The LCI-90 uses an electroluminescent display built originally for jet-fighters to ensure readability in direct sunlight. See picture above.
  2. Cost. The LCI-90 is less than half the cost of the LM-2000.
  3. Calibrations and Programmability. The five push buttons on the LCI-90 front panel are all you need to set 2 point calibrations, alarms, and input other data.
  4. Construction. LCI-90 is built with a 316 stainless steel faceplate and sealed stainless steel pushbuttons for extreme durability and reliable performance under harsh conditions.
  5. Wide Temperature Range. The LCI-90 is rated to operate effectively between -40C to 75C (vs. -20C to 55C for the LM-2000).
  6. Support. The LCI-90 is the product that we have built our livelihoods around. We live and breathe its operations and support…and our support is personal. You can always call 206-634-1308 and ask for Matt, Tom or Derek with questions.

Under the hood the LCI-90 includes many more features not available in the LM-2000, but the outside dimensions are a match – which means the LCI-90 will fit into existing panel mount cut-outs as a direct drop-in replacement for the LM-2000. Within a couple of weeks we will publish a blog post on the new LCI-90i which includes Ethernet connectivity and a whole host of upgrades to its processing power and sampling rates.


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