Barge Mooring - Case Study - 8-Point Barge Mooring System for NPCC

Earlier this year MTNW’s LCI team, led by our Systems Engineer, Matty Lee, installed an 8-point tension, speed, and payout monitoring system for the National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Designed for NPCC's SEP-350 (Self Elevating Platform) vessel, LCI’s new 175 KIP running line tensiometer and LCI-90 "Dual Winch" display system.


NPCC's new mooring instrumentation consists of eight RL-20175K running line tensiometers optimized for 1.5" wire rope and equipped with dual proximity sensors and a 175 KIP load pin in a removable center sheave. Two tensiometers were installed at each double-drum winch location (four total) and each pair of RLT's feed one "Dual Winch" LCI-90 display that is in-turn linked to a PC computer running MTNW's advanced WinchDAC data-logging software in the control room. Perfectly suited to this application, LCI-90 "Dual Winch" displays were developed to monitor line tension, payout, and speed on two winches, RLT's, or windlasses - simultaneously. Operators can easily view all winch parameters at the same time or toggle between active winch lines.

Founded in 1973, NPCC was initially established as a facility for fabrication of the steel structures required by the oil & gas production industry. In 1992, NPCC expanded its capabilities to include onshore & offshore facilities, loading terminals, storage tanks, pressure vessels and pipelines. Today, NPCC is a fully integrated onshore and offshore EPC contractor, providing a wide range of surveying, engineering, and construction services. NPCC's marine fleet consists of 13 construction barges, and this particular SEP-350 project involved eight tensiometers, cables,LCI-90 display monitors, and all the necessary PC hardware and software to remotely view mooring tension and payout in the barge's control tower. Maximum line tensions of 160 KIPS and line speeds of up to 150 FPM were an excellent match for the compact RL-20175K tensiometer.


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