Post Update - Natural Gas Pipe Pigging & Slip Lining Application – Cable Tension Monitoring

We just spoke with Michael Kasten, President of Coordinated Wire Rope, and during the conversation he mentioned that last Friday the CD Lyon team was working with the LCI-90 and HRT-3MM tensiometer/dynamometer system (described in our last blog post) when they hit “a snag”…literally. The CD Lyon team was pigging the pipe, which means that they were dragging a device through the existing pipe looking for obstacles, when tension readings on their LCI-90 display suddenly jumped from 3,000 lbs to 13,000 lbs. Because the LCI-90 payout measurement is so accurate, the construction team was able to go directly to the location of the stuck pig, dig down to the pipe, remove the obstacle, repair the pipe and keep pigging...all within a couple of days. This is exactly what Measurement Technology cable tension monitoring systems are designed to do! Provide fast, accurate information that prevents problems and saves you time and money. In the picture below you can see the “pig” device that the CD Lyon team is pulling through the pipe to look for obstacles.



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