How to Install MTNW Running Line Tensiometers on Wire Rope















Just released our new How To Video - How to Install MTNW Running Line Tensiometers on Wire Rope - featuring our RL-30 Running Line Tensiometer (RLT) for up to 375 Tons max tension and up to 3" wire rope diameter. Typical applications for the RL-30 include monitoring anchor winch tension, speed, and payout on Drillships, Semisubs, and other Offshore Rigs. 

  • This video gives step by step instruction on how to install our Running Line Tensiometers with the "Removable Center Head" feature.
  • This video was shot during calibration of an 8-point mooring monitoring system for the Prosafe Astoria Accommodation Semisub in Seattle, WA.  
  • MTNW coordinated for ABS staff to witness calibration of the Prosafe Astoria project.

View the video on our YouTube channel.

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