MTNW is Ready for Liftoff – BOSIET Offshore Helicopter Training

The Offshore Oil & Gas industry takes us to remote parts of the world that provides unique challenges and dangers. Our offshore customers, Noble, Rowan, and others require our engineers to go through BOSIET training.  The BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) program at the Marine Survival Training Center in Lafayette, LA is a three day course that introduces marine offshore hazards, safety techniques and equipment, and basic sea survival.

 Recently, one of our engineers, Adam Przybilla, went through this training.  The first day of class started with an introduction to helicopter safety and escape. The class covered the equipment required for helicopter transportation and the procedures to survive the hazards that can be encountered while taking a helicopter to an offshore installation. Every student wore a full transit survival suit, aviation flight jacket and a re-breather. A helicopter simulator was used to place the student in a position of an over-turned helicopter in the water.  The level of difficulty progressed through the six “dunkings”. The last “dunking” involved the helicopter simulator rotating upside-down under water and to escape the student had to push through an emergency exit while engaging and relying on a re-breather.


 The remaining training experiences focused on firefighting, self-rescue and sea survival. Each student experienced the difficulty in climbing into an inflatable life raft in water and the discomfort associated with being lifted out of water by a hoist.

The knowledge and experienced gained in the three day class prepares our personnel for situations and hazards that are common in the offshore industry. We are prepared and ready to support our offshore customers on a moment’s notice anywhere in the world.  


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