Trawl Winch System Monitoring


Being from the Pacific Northwest, and specifically from the Norwegian/Fisherman’s Terminal area of Seattle, we have always thought that our products and services should play a bigger role in the fishing industry. And now, they are!

In the last year, we’ve started to sell trawl winch monitoring systems into the Pacific and Atlantic trawl fishing fleets. Like most industries, winch operators in the fishing industry have worked from “gut feel” about how much tension or speed their winch systems, nets, and cables could support. Now, however, active monitoring of trawl winches has become an important part of fishing efficiently, and data-logging from trawl casts is seen as an important review tool to ensure safety and maximize productivity. Our combination of running line tensiometers (or dynamometers), local winch displays and software for the bridge are priced competitively with more established and specialized fishing technologies. Below is an image of our running line tensiometer attached to an articulating arm riding the line of a trawl vessel.


Tensiometer on support arm 

Here is an image of our TrawlDAC software showing how operators can quickly see differences in the line tension, speed and total payout.


TrawlDAC Software


If you are looking to retrofit your trawl monitoring system, please email or call.  We’ll be happy to put together a plan for your vessel.


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