Noble Drilling - Drillship Mooring Monitoring

Noble Discoverer Mooring Winch Monitoring, offshore mooring
LCI-90 Display in Zone 2 Hazardous Environment, drill ship mooring
Noble Drilling Discoverer Derrick, oil rig mooring
Running Line Tensiometer (Cable Line Rider) & Support Arm
WinchDAC Software Viewing 8 Mooring Winches, tension instrumentation

The Noble Discoverer is a turret moored drillship built in 1976.  It has 8 mooring winches with 2-3/4" wire rope.

The existing mooring monitoring system needed to be upgraded with more accurate sensors, local displays for the winch operators, alarm evaluation for tension and payout issues, and PC-based data-logging for winch and operator activity.

Rugged Controls provided 8 RL30 running line tensiometers built with sensors rated for a Class 1, Div 2 (Zone 2) environment.  We also provided 4 local winch displays and 4 remote displays enclosed in explosion proof enclosures.  Finally, our WinchDAC software was utilized to provide both remote, real-time and historical data-logging capabilities for the bridge of the vessel.


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